Safety Boat
for Constuction Sites

A unique safety boat, conceived by our team, specifically for the safety of construction site personnel working on and near water.

Rescue Equipment

In addition to the usual equipment, our worksite safety boat has a fallen person recovery net, a boarding ladder, and a rescue spineboard.

Nighttime Work

It includes several features for night work, such as a thermal imager, a remote-controlled powerfull searchlight and scene lighting on 4 sides.

Emergency Evacuation

In case of emergency evacuation, this boat has a capacity of 12 persons.

Underwater Vision

The boat is also equipped with a depthfinder with 3D imaging of the riverbed.

Weather Station

In order to support you in making decisions regarding the safety of your personnel who are working at height, this boat is equipped with a weather station, which can provide you with real-time information on the temperature of the water and air, as well as the wind speed. (CNESST - Transport Canada)

Maritime Traffic Management

Using two marine radios, we can also take care of the management of maritime traffic
around the site.

We can communicate barge movements to cruise ships and monitor waves from pleasure craft to minimize barge movement, for the safety of personnel on articulating boom lifts.

Tug Boat

With its front bumper (push knee), this safety boat can occasionally provide assistance when moving barges. Although not its primary fonction, it has all the equipment of a tugboat.