Our Personnel


According to your needs, we can offer you the services of a team of rescuers or a captain,
or a crew made up of a captain
with one or more mates.


Our staff come from the nautical industry.
We therefore have an excellent knowledge
of navigation and seamanship.

Many have years of experience with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary or Quebec Rescue and are specialists in maritime search and rescue. All our rescuers, sailors and captains have the certifications required by the CNESST, ASP-Construction and Transport Canada in addition to other certifications in navigation and rescue.


Our tug captains hold a Captain's Certificate of Competency with 60 ton restrictions
issued by Transport Canada.

They also have a certificate of:
- Basic safety of small inland navigation vessels other than pleasure craft (SDV-BS),
from Transport Canada
- Elementary first aid at sea,
from CNESST and Transport Canada
- Restricted Maritime Radio Operator Certificate,
from Industry Canada,
- Prevention in riparian areas
from ASP-Construction,
- Boat intervention
from Société de sauvetage du Québec,
- General health and safety on construction sites, from ASP-Construction.